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This is significant. I got burned by a seller a while back. Retaliatory feedback sucks. Here's the relevant section:

Today, the biggest issue with the system is that buyers are more afraid than ever to leave honest, accurate feedback because of the threat of retaliation. In fact, when buyers have a bad experience on eBay, the final straw for many of them is getting a negative feedback, especially of a retaliatory nature.

Now, we realize that feedback has been a two-way street, but our data shows a disturbing trend, which is that sellers leave retaliatory feedback eight times more frequently than buyers do ... and this figure is up dramatically from only a few years ago.

So we have to put a stop to this and put trust back into the system.

Sellers may only leave positive feedback for buyers (at the seller's option).

I know this is a huge change, but we're also putting into place protections that sellers have wanted for years. In addition to holding buyers accountable via non-public seller reporting tools, such as Unpaid Item reports, we are planning a number of other Seller Protections against inaccurate feedback:

* We will remove, not just de-score, negative and neutral feedback when a buyer doesn't respond to the Unpaid Item process
* We will remove all negative and neutral feedback and comments when a buyer (or seller) is suspended. We will also do this retroactively – which means any negatives and neutrals you've received from members we've ever suspended will be removed.
* For sellers with an established track record, we'll prevent negative and neutral feedback within 3 days of listing end to promote communication.
* We're going to reduce the number of days a member can leave feedback from 90 to 60 days.
* We'll increase block bidder list capacity from 1,000 to 5,000 user IDs.
* We'll increase our monitoring, and take action based on seller reports of buyers behaving very badly.
* Feedback percentage will be based on the last 12 months, although the total count remains lifetime. This means that any negative or neutral feedback left for you more than 12 months ago will no longer affect your percent positive.

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