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Oct 30, 2000
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Ellen Degeneres is having a special show on New Orleans. Had no idea she was from NOLA.

Got two brothers from Opelousas on now playing zydeco and their 9 and 5 years old.
We've even got some SR.com folks who knew her from her high school days. :)
We went to the same high schools but I'm not sure when she was there. (I went to McMain and Gregory too).
Wow thats cool...

makes me wonder what other famous people are from here.
Gerald McCraney, (Major Dad, Jericho) claims both Slidell and Picayune even though he's originally from Collins, MS. My great-grandfather was his Boy Scout troop leader way back when.
I made fun of Ellen on the EE Board once. Got a quick response from several folks who strongly let me know they didn't appreciate my humor.

All I'll say now is that I loved her as Dory the Blue Fish in "Finding Nemo." :)

Nobody's going to mention Brittany Spears?
I thought New Orleans included everything as far north as the Louisiana line? Kentwood, yes. McComb, no.
Any gangsta rapper not from Los Angeles or New York probably comes from New Orleans...I think a lot of them do.

Your decision on whether that falls under the "entertainment" or "other" category.

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