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Jun 14, 2002
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And they won’t be cheap.

To me Ram is the most important. Then Latt then AK.
And Latt has kind of disappointed me. After his rookie campaign I thought I was watching a future HOF’er.
Nah Ram is most important followed by Kamara.

Lattimore had one good year and 2 borderline aggregate seasons.

I want all 3 back no ifs about it but Lattmiore has not shown he can he that consistent #1 Lockdown CB we need yet seems he would make a Great/ #2

With that said I love Lattimore I’d still pay him 10-13 million a year just not this year where if we’re going to Keep Kamara I’d get him and Ram done before the season starts.
It's gonna be tough. You don't let lockdown corners get away and a strong line is critical to our offensive success regardless of who's under center. AK is probably the best skat back we had under SP.
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Lattimore had a sophmore slump but his play this year when healthy was outstanding. He plays his best games against the toughest opponents and I think some people are underestimating what he allows us to do elsewhere in the defense by not requiring help.
I don't know if I would call his play outstanding this year. He had some terrible moments, some outstanding moments but overall I think he was just good.

I'm a little disappointed in how he played the last two years based on how great he was in his rookie year.

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