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Oct 1, 2004
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Check out the link for this pic of this dude (FUNNY)

Seastrunk has the need for speed
By Jon Mahoney
ESPN RISE Magazine

Updated: September 22, 2009, 4:50 PM ET
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Lache SeastrunkBishop Dunne (Dallas) football coach Kenneth Davis knows a thing or two about gridiron talent. An All-American running back at TCU in 1984, Davis went to four Super Bowls with the Buffalo Bills and played with the likes of Hall of Fame tailback Thurman Thomas.

Yet, while watching Temple (Texas) senior running back Lache Seastrunk carry the ball, even Davis is awestruck by speed he hasn't witnessed often in all his years around the game.

"I think he's one of the fastest athletes I've ever seen in pads," says Davis, who was a member of Temple's 1979 state championship team. "Matter of fact, I think he's faster than Reggie Bush. He's a tremendous athlete."

Davis isn't alone. Temple head coach Bryce Monsen played linebacker at BYU and says he hasn't seen anyone faster than Seastrunk (whose first name is pronounced "lake"). Same with former Temple head coach Bob McQueen, who coached Davis and led the Wildcats to a pair of state titles in 28 years at the helm.

Seastrunk's speed is so overwhelming even he couldn't corral it initially, leading to one of the more comical plays of his high school career. On his first varsity carry against South Garland during his sophomore year, Seastrunk saw an enormous hole at the line and burst through. But he was so excited and moved so quickly that he ended up tripping and falling to the turf after eight yards on what looked like a sure touchdown.

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