ESPN writer ranked Panthers below UFL team (1 Viewer)


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Oct 5, 2006
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LOL, Well if the Falcons did lose to them, that would be even funnier now.
We did lose to the Bucs last year in what was a meanigful game at the time. Anything can happen in this league. I just hope it happens to the Falcons.
They are so beat down it isn't even fun to bash them anymore.

The Panthers owner is a hated man around here.
I hope the Panthers dont have that "throw in the towel" thing going now and regard their games against Atlanta as the last possible highlight of their season. It's very unpredictable this year, one team's walk-in-the-park-opponent might be another team's nightmare, nothing to lose, a whole lot to spoil. :scratch:
This guy obviously doesn't know Fox's defense that well. That defense comes to play every down every week,the main thing is their offense doesn't get off the bus.
the only thing they really had goin for them on offense was their running backs... with williams on reserve stewart seems to be having a mediocre year compared to years past
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