Everyone is blaming this on Copper (1 Viewer)

Mar 12, 2006
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This isnt Copper's fault people, its just as much copper's fault as it is reggie and billy miller. Turnovers beat us today, but come on Craft was the worst player to step on that field today. He needs to be left behind in Pittsburgh. This offseason we deffiantly need to get clements and a TE, then go into the draft and during the top rounds pick up a corner and a MLB.

Im not over the lost yet because it hurts to give them the game like that. But after all of this I am still proud of my New Orleans Saints, they played with heart. The old saints would of gave up and died after parkers first 70+ yarder. We are not championship caliber yet but lets build on this next offseason, and quite possibly if we do have a great offseason like this offseason we will be champions next year. This team has alot of heart and will for years to come while Payton is the coach.

Now next game we are at home against Cincy, is anyone really ready for this game? Tj Housh and Ocho Cinco. Im very nervous about this game, but i believe in my heart that we can beat Cincy and be 7 - 3. Come on if anyone would of told you 6 - 3 after 9 games with our schedule and what happened last year, you would of probably laughed in their face.

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