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So long story short.

A family member and her family have lived rent free in a home that my family owns. There is no formal agreement since no rent is exchanged.

It has been rent free for +/- 18 months. At that time, we gave them notice they would have to move out come March 31, 2021 (originally we had said December 31, 2020 but didn't want to make them move during Christmas).

Long story short, they informed us today that they are refusing to move out of the house.

So what are my family's options? Initially I thought we couldn't kick them out because of Covid/Eviction rules, but it appears maybe March 31 we could regardless? And even then there is a process (this is in Florida): https://www.trls.org/what-florida-r... Moratorium stops,tenant until MARCH 31, 2021.

Likewise someone told me that since we have no lease and we own the house, we could just flat out change the locks and put their stuff at the curb.

Now all this being said, we don't want to be a bad guy. We've even offered to put them up in a hotel for a bit until they find a place. But the crux of the issue is that we do have a person scheduled to move in April 2nd.

Any thoughts?


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If you want to discuss merit, cool
Im Just not into a semantic argument atm
It's a real shame you think this is some kind of petty semantics argument considering real people are dealing with the consequences of your exact train of thought (as I have documented) - all while you are sympathizing with a victim of it.

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