Ex-Saints Player Kyle Turley enters the Business World of Cannabis (1 Viewer)

He has been doing this for years. I think I read about it on SR a few years back. I watched a documentary on his life that had me in tears. Sorry, I can’t recall where or what it was called. But it focused on mental health.
I keep up with his posts on Instagram and it’s definitely seemed to have a major positive impact on his life post-football so anything that’s helping him get by after years of putting his body on the line for us on Sundays is alright by me. I still rock his jersey on occasion.


I was there when Turley threw the helmet.. it was my first Saints game actually... and it went farther than what the video would suggest lol.
Not really new news and there is money to be made.
I know somone up in New England who was kind of a stoner with a landscaping business. Earned enough in the summer to lay about in the Winter, go skiing and traveling and what not. Rented and owned hardly anything but the landscape equipment and that was fine for him.

Moved to Maine where it's legal and started a cannibis business and put his grow skills to work and he['s raking it in.
Still rock my Turley jersey as well a couple times a year. I remember after the helmet toss, I wrote an actual paper letter and sent it the Saints, c/o Turley. Basically said it was awesome how he stood up for his qb and that we fans have his back. He sent back an autographed 8x10. Wish he had stayed healthier, but still one of my all time faves.
I will be making the trip out to Moreno Valley once things are back to normal. I will do a review of the merchandise. :)

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