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May 3, 2012
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Last night the only thing that imo we can actually look at was the first drive by the offense because once Brees left it was all about watching position battles. As good as we looked on the first drive except for the fumble of course, we still were missing our all pro left tackle and what I think will probably be our number 1 receiver in Thomas who didn't play with Brees. The starting O line wasn't in there, the starting WRs weren't in there and a FB that signed this week. We still drove down the field on the second best team in the AFC. That's a positive. Way more than the last couple of years.

D wise, like I said in another thread. Missing our best D lineman, and 3 starting CBs from last year and without blitzing we got a lot of pressure, 2 sacks and shut them down. Our SS and LBs were covering TEs and one thing that really stuck out to me was the LBs plugging holes.

For the first preseason game I think we have improved tremendously over last year. So my expectations for the first game was only the first drive for the O and the first couple of times the D was out there. And except for the fumble we played excellent.

The rest was watching young guys who will fill in for injuries and half of the guys we watched last night won't be here against the raiders.

Game 2 will probably be the 1st quarter and on offense as long as Brees plays.

Game 3 typically the first half and again as long as Brees plays.

Game 4 doesn't have any bearing on the season.

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