Experience is huge (Trufant, Cromartie & Bob Sanders) (1 Viewer)


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Jun 4, 2005
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Getting the RIGHT veteran is a fine science. Loomis & Co. proved that they had it right when they took Drew Brees over Culpepper. Miami is still reeling over that miscue. :covri:

A great pass rush can make an average secondary look better than it is. But there is absolutely no substitute for having playmakers in the defensive secondary. Duh!

Footage of Trufant, Cromartie & Bob Sanders: http://youtube.com/watch?v=6aBr6vnFDn0

Asante Samuel would be nice to have, but I think he's somewhat overrated.

Bottom line: If the Saints' FO could get their mojo back and make smart selection in FA and the draft (as they did in 2006), the Saints will be back big time! :cool:

Here are a couple of interesting comments about Trufant from another thread:

Tell me about it. If I were the Saints I would be calling Trufant's agent at midnight on the first when the free agency period starts.
Exactly. I also speculated that the Seahawks might be inclined to not tag Trufant because of the number of young corners they have on their roster. The Seahawks have invested some high picks into these guys and will not look to break the bank on Trufant. I read an article recently that suggested that Seahawks thought that a good deal for Trufant would be one that would mirror the deal signed by Ken Lucas a few years ago. I thought that was lowballing. I think a good deal for Trufant would be a 7 year deal averaging about $7.5 million per season.

I also think we should pursue Lance Briggs. Trufant and Briggs would be major. Given that there have been reports that we might look to sign one or two impact free agents, I think that these two would make the most sense. Of course, other teams will think the same thing and so we must hit the ground running. The only way I would not make Trufant a priority at CB is if Nnamdi Asomugha is not tagged (which is highly unlikely).

Reggie Torbor might be another LB to look at. I think you can sign two. I would play Briggs at MLB, where I think he might be better and Torbor at WLB. I think a LB corps of Fujita, Briggs, and Torbor would be very solid. Go into the draft and try to get Ellis or Dorsey in the first, take the best CB in the second and I think our defense would be much improved.


Dec 12, 2006
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this makes me want DRC more in hope and prayer he turns out like his cousin


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May 1, 2000
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when we played the colts, sanders covered everything short and Freny got pressure.

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