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So my router is close to the front of the house, but I want WiFi in the backyard
What are my options?

I would try a Linksys wi-fi extender, just because. You may try upgrading your wi-fi router to 5G or something. It would be best to have a friend/family member who is experienced in networking to come look at the situation, they would probably give a more tailored answer for your situation.
nah, cat 5e or 6. cat 5, depending on the length may not work as well.

"Look at the big brains on zeetes".

I'm going through my own nightmarish situation with my new computer. I'm almost positive they configure your factory made computer to fail in one year or less. Not gonna go into details, but come on! I almost have given up on trying to get the scanner to connect, but probably give it a couple more tries.

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