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Jul 16, 2001
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My teenage daughter wants to learn guitar, which I totally support, but I know how teenagers are. If she sticks with it, I will buy her a new, quality guitar. On the other hand, I don't want to sink too much into a whim that might not last past a couple of lessons (as teenagers are known for). So what's a fair price for a used one? Doesn't have to be top notch, just enough to gauge if she will stick with it or not and then I will upgrade.

Also, if anybody in the metro area has a used guitar to sell...............
I would guess $50-$75 tops (plus you'll probably need to invest in a new set of strings) for a lower-level acoustic.

There is currently a Yamaha 01DS on the local Craigslist (not NOLA), in decent looking condition, listed for $70.
Used beginner guitars should easily be had for less than $100.
What are you wanting to spend? I wouldn't buy just the cheapest thing you can find. There are alot of crappy no name brand guitars out there that are harder to play and might actually discourage her from keeping with it.
sonic's suggestion of yamaha f335 is a good one. lots of positive reviews, including this one from guitarlessons.

i've got a late-1970s fg375 acoustic that sounds better as time goes on. she won't be disappointed with yamaha.

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