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Sep 26, 2006
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I live in Atlanta and definitely want to go to the Saints @ Falcons game in the Georgia Dome.
If anyone else is going to the game, where are you getting tickets, and how do you guys feel about getting tickets in the same area so we can have some strong centralized fan support. I haven't bought tickets yet, I just wanted to see if anyone had similar interests, and wanted to discuss this.


I'll be there... Unfortunately I've already got tickets, and unfortunately they're right next to some friends of mine who are Falcons fans. At least it'll be nice to see them squirming around when we beat them again.
Anyone even a little interested.
I really love how the falcon fans consider the Saints, Lions, and Browns and automatic win when they discuss there possible records on there board. They say the rest of there games could go either way.

Makes since we have the best record of any team on there schedule and we beat them 23-3, but thats falcons for you

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