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Jul 12, 2011
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In 2019, during a 5-0 win streak where Teddy Bridgewater was QB1 for the Saints, there were fans who claimed that the QB was not playing a key role in the team winning. So, 52 players were contributing to wins on the football field and the starting QB was just along for the ride. That is what I call "fan folly"..

Fan Folly is like a drug that has a psychotic effect and you can get addicted to it. For example, Deonte Harris is an explosiveness kick returner. And, of all the explosive kick returners the Saints have had over the years, Harris looks like a capable WR. Beerman, a former Saints KR, could catch but he always fell down after he caught the ball and Beerman would wait on the turf till the defense touched him down. Harris looks more aggressive than that but, what fans should know, Harris was not drafted and he was not drafted for a reason. Harris is okay at WR but he is outstanding at KR and his NFL career will be long or short primarily based on what he does at KR. In other words, Harris will not ever challenge Micheal Thomas for WR1..

Teddy Bridgewater does not play on special teams. He is too valuable for that. And, when Drew Brees injured his hand, fans saw just how the right guy at QB2 can hold your team together and save a season. Fans said Teddy starting at QB made all other players play harder and contribute more to winning the game. But what's wrong with that? One player who can help a team stay focused, come together as a team and he makes everyone play harder. How can the impact of that one player be considered a bad thing?

Teddy Bridgewater gritted out some very tough wins during the toughest part of the Saints schedule for the year. Payton wants to throw the football with Brees under center but, with Bridgewater, Payton used the running the game and more ball control. Dominating TOP and limiting the plays of opponents worked for Saints. That style of play really contributed to wins at Seattle and Chicago and the Saints became a power football team that bullied opponents for four quarters. All that changed when Drew returned.

Finally, don't be fooled because Sean Payton plays along with interviewers regarding Taysom Hill. Hill has not missed a practice since he became a Saint player and, after three years, Hill is still QB3. Sure, I like Taysom and I think his future is at TE. And common sense would indicate that, if over the last three years Taysom was considered "valuable" as a QB, then the team would not be chancing injury by letting him play on special teams.

Bottom line.. This is Teddy's Team.. And what I don't understand is why fan's want to see Drew take another sack, drop another fumble or throw another crucial interception. Heroes experience tragedies along with victories. I want to remember Brees as a winner not as the guy who threw the interception or dropped the football or otherwise contributed to team tragedy. And I want to remember Teddy as the guy who was the "reload" because I don't have time for the Taysom "rebuild"..

GO Saints!!
Nov 10, 2018
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Carriere Ms
Jesus I couldn't even bring myself to read that.

People losing their minds around here.
I’m with you. I swear I mean no disrespect to the op but when I read some of these threads I wonder if they’ve ever even watched a game before. Sure Teddy won some games for us but if he was the second coming he would’ve stepped in and won the Rams game. Now I understand the game plan wasn’t set for his skill set but great QB’s can get around that. I know there are others but Doug Flutie comes to mind.

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