Father's day is coming, at 33 22 from 14 (1 Viewer)


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May 8, 2008
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Man, 33, fathers 22 by 14 women

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He was young. He was ambitious. He wanted 50 kids :idunno:

Sorry for fertilizing. :covri:
Meanwhile at the football game:

"Look, there's my son!!!"
"Which one?"
"The defense".


BTW - props on the thread title. Nice. :hihi:
Wish I could tally up what this guy has cost tax payers over the years supporting all these kids.
Given the figures from the video the max without recovering any child support from him for any of them would be around 1.5 mil for all 22 from birth through age 18 ($342x12x18x22 I think a little over half/month/kid was food stamps).

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