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I keep trying to put together a list of my favorites but it’s difficult. Everyone here has given me moments of joy and thought except for one poster.

You know who you are you son of a birch tree. I will never forgive you!
Anyone not on my ignore list. I also like the towel even if he and irony have never been in the same hemisphere.
I actually missed the towel myself. And of course you and I, plus Joe and the Judge have had our battles as well, but I enjoyed every bit of it. Y'all are a passionate bunch.
I mean, who can ever forget SaintShizzle posting away like it was going out of style about how terrible Brees was during seasons when the defense stunk. When the defense became playoff-worthy again, that poster largely disappeared 😁

Overall, I like reading TCUDan’s stuff because he was/is actually a coach and can break things down in a way that no casual fan ever could. Can’t do much better than having an actual coach weigh in on the X’s and O’s.

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