Favorite Rookie So Far? (1 Viewer)

Favorite rookie so far this season?


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Just pointing out, Where's Steve Weatherford? 44.8 avg with 38.2 net avg aint bad at all.
I voted Colston, but thought about voting for Evans. Those guys up front are unsung heroes, but give the kid credit, he's raising a lot of eyebrows in league circles. He's made the transition from OT to OG, from tiny Div. II Bloomsburg to the grand stage of the NFL. Not only is he a starter, but you hardly hear his name being called for holding or other penalties typical of rookies on the OL in this league. Great story.
Has to be Colston. Funny, before the season I bet everyone would have said Bush..maybe even claiming a 7th round pick wouldn't make the team.:smilielol:
maybe even claiming a 7th round pick wouldn't make the team.:smilielol:

And based on our past drafts, they would've been right. Thus the difference in having a real talent evaluator running the draft, vs. those infatuated with measurables.

Colston has things which are un-measurable: heart, toughness, and an understanding of the game, of his position, and of the finer points thereof. All of these add up to making him something so many of Haslett's draftees were not: football players.

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