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Sep 9, 2005
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I didn't get to see the game to day, listen to the first half until the batteries died in my watchman tv (its hard to see that little screen in the sun). we were at the drag races, man that was a blast. anyhow didn't like that lost but I like that the team was in it till the end even after the D gave up I guess some big rushing yards. feel good for my son who is as big a steelers fan as I am a saints fan and I know how he was feeling going into this game knowing that his team could go 2-7. we were getting scoring updates from his girlfriend and when the game was over and she called to tell him that his team won he pumped his fist in the air and grinned big turned to me and said sorry your team lost. I told him it was ok the steelers played a good game and deserved to win then he said "yea and Atlanta lost too so you didn't lose any ground" what a kid.

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