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i think it makes it even better that their egos are so big they can only make a marriage last 4 months....heck, mine took 5 years to finally fall apart
Wait a sec, I just read that Pam Anderson miscarried Kid's baby and said that they were going to try again?

Wow, what a quick change of heart.

Nothing tops Britney and Kev though, heh.
Celebrity marriages too often make a mockery of the sacred union of marriage. It's time for the right-wing Fundamentalist faction to fight for the preservation of Holy Matrimony and push for a total ban on celebrity weddings. In fact, we should do all we can to steer our young away from the celebrity lifestyle.
Pamela Anderson files for divorce


Gee, I wonder what other has-been rocker is there for the taking for Pam? Don Dokken? Kip Winger? Jani Lane? (insert other has-been here)?
Why does anyone marry her? I understand why they date her, I'd date her. But why marry Pam Anderson? You know she's not holding out 'til marriage.

A couple more hundred pounds on her and you'd marry her in a heartbeat!:hearthrob:

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