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Aug 22, 2004
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Well cant believe its here , last week of FF 06 season ,wow it went by fast ...
And if u wouldve told me my SAINTS would be 7-4 in 1st place and 2nd best record in the NFC , well I wouldve ask what you been smoking ...
But its true and SAINTS fans we have as good as a chance in this crazy NFC as anyone else .....
On to the pics .

Big league
Dolphins v Irish -- Dolphins are all but in the postseason , but could win this one w/ a 2526 loss and clinch the division , if the Bengals have a big game at home @ the Ravens , then the Dolphins have a chance , gonna be hard to bench Addai this week after his last performance , Gates has been comin up big , but the Bengals need to score in the 30's Thrusday nite .. Irish try to play spoiler behind new starter Alex Smith ( in for the benched Plummer ) can he put up big numbers againest the boys n black n gold , Jackon n Maroney could keep this one close . In the end , we should know by tomorrow nite by what the Bengals do ...

All Stars v UA -- All Stars may have come on a lillte too late , not controling thier playoff destiny , a hot team , needs help , but UA should put up lillte to no competetion , UA has struggled all year , but I love the fact every week they have a current line - up turned in and try to win . All Stars should win this one , but UA get s back Colsten could make it closer than expected ..

Bugs v Pac - Bugs can end the Pac's run of playoff hopes , even needing alot of help , Pac needs to get the win first n foremost .. Will the Bugs give Romo ( on the road ) or Eli at home the start , with Mcghee back , Thomas is a lost cause , needs big weeks from Evans n Coles again .. Pac can score , and should Brady at home @ the Lions , could put up 22-25pts , Taylor was a great trade , but couldve been too lillte to late . Pac wins this one but dont get the help needed to make the playoffs . Great year for the Pac ...

Voodoo ( SHOULD CHANGE THE NAME TO THE LT'S ) v Saints -- LT is playing a tough Bills D on the road , so may not be able to put up 20-25 pts this week , will McNair be able to put up some pts at a desperate Cincinatti tom nite , the Swami is gonna go on recored , Reggie Bush scores his first offensive td in the dome sunday , mark it down ! But the Saints while tryin to win will be scoreboard watching too , but taking care of the Voodoo will depend how much Gore runs on the Saints and can Westbrook have a big nite on MNF , Harrison ( colts ) is startin to become a 2nd WR next to Wayne , look for Marvin to have a big week 2tds and 120 yds , and Big Ben tears apart Tampas DB's . Saints win score 65 , with Westbrook and Car D on MNF ..

Game of the week ( playin for the no 2 seed in the post-season )
2526 v Metro --- Big game here , this one have been moved to Sun nite football , thanks to the flex schedule .. The winner simply gets the no 2 seed and the bye , easy as that, loser should be in , but have to regroup and play next week .. Can Brees put up huge numbers again , is another 300 yards in the work , Parker needs a big week and new starter Taylor needs to step up ,, big questions at WR who to play Horn , Henderson , both ? but its been Driver whose come through , with 10 pts on MNF giving 2526 the win and can Pitts D get 1 freakin pt at least ? Metro is got the beast LJ at Clev , that could be a long day for the Swami , can you say 2 td s and 150 yards , Dillion or Duece at 2nd Rb , might make the difference , Wr's are thin , with Ward and Stallworth ( never know if he is gonna play ) , so my pick is , comes down to who is played and who is benched , Saints put up big numbers , 2526 wins , they dont , Metro and LJ roll ...
Should be a good close game here ..

Reno v Zero's -- Zeros have the no 1 seed , but wont lie down , Manning should have a big game ( if he starts ) at home @ Tenn , Lewis might get shut down @ Cin , but could find the end zone once , will Walker and Culter click , and where has Torry Holt gone . Reno needs this win and to outscore Saints , easy as that , not sure if the Jones combo is workin anymore , Wayne should put up decent numbers, Harrington is having a 2nd carreer start in Miami ( Daunte who ) , Shockey needs a big game , tough call here , but i think the Zeros get the win and Reno' s great 1st season comes to an end , puttin the Saints in the playoffs !!!!!!!!!!!! Hope im sayin that in January too .

Destroyer v Eagles -- Eagles try to get hot going into the post-season , all im gonna say Shaun Alexander and Sun Nite Football . Any questions ? No line here as Vegas said it would be to high ..

Good luck everyone .

Keeper League

Game of the week ( Division title and possible no 2 seed on the line )
UC V Inj Res - 2 old rivals go at it again , seems we have been for years , can the Duece trade work for UC 2 weeks in a row , UC loses Ward ( first time in career ) so questions at WR for this big showdown , counting on Brees to put big numbers again and can Barber score at the NYG , Inj Res come in w/o Brown ( not sure who starts opposite Westbrook ) , Jones has been comin on lately in Jax , and Johnson had a big week last week but goes to Chicago this week , tough call here , gonna come down to MNF w/ Westbrook needing about 15 pts or so , does he get it , we will just wait n see , either way its a 2-3 pt win ...

Lions v Zeros - Tough year for what could be a dangerous Zeros team next year , with 2 first round picks and Peyton running the show , look out , but with all that said and it is 2006 still Lions have way to much again Alexander on Sun nite , and i like Chad Johnson to have a big game tomorrow nite , Lions will have to make a decesion in 07 on Edge ..
Lions roll , but both teams head home ..

Paradise v Voodoo -- Another FF vet is headed home and can play spoiler here , but need big games from Gore n Johnson both on the road , and Burress to shut his mouth maybe .. Paradise lookin to head to the playoffs should win this one behind a big week from Brady , Wayne and Tiki at home , Voodoo should be back in 07 like the Eagles , playoffs wont be the same without um ..

All Stars v TBBA --This is kind of like David v Goliath , can All Stars slay the big bad dragon and sneak in the playoffs , LT goes @ a tough Bills D on the road , will Colsten play , Jackson has been comin up big lately in St Louis , Driver could have a big week at home again also , Stars just need to keep it close and hope to have a big MNF from Steve Smith and maybe Foster ( not sure if hes gonna get played ) , Palmer puts up 17 pts on Thrus nite and TBBA is lookin ahead , the ALL STARS pull off the shocker , call it Rutgers /Louisville part 2 , and win !!!!!!, now waiting to see what the Breasts do .

Da Saints v Breasts -- Breast win and thier in that simple , Saints are out but could play spoiler , and they could just do that , what a lineup Addai could put another 1-2 td's followin his carreer week , Vik even though he dont put up the passin numbers , puts up nice rushin numbers, but Wash D could make it tough on him , Lewis as said b4 could find the end zone , but Moss is a lost cause in Oakland and Holt is a lost in ST Louis right now , but Steve Smith could win it on MNF for the Da' Saints.. Breasts magical run will depend on 1 man -- Eli , needs a big game at home , Dillion should put up a td @ the Lions , and Crumpler mgiht be the only Falcon that can catch , Vik will use him Sunday 8 catches 100 yards and td , but it s Steve Smith's td and 100 plus yard s to end the Breasts magical run , and put All Stars in the post-season , a great season for the Breasts , and again this is just predictions , I could be wrong and the Breasts might win by 20 ..

Bugs v Cubs --- Bugs win and Tbba loses , Bugs could get the 1 seed , wow !!! Bugs should hand over the team MVP to Romo , wow where did he come from ? LJ will post big numbers in Clev , and Maroney should post his usual td and 40 yards or so , look for Joe Horn to have a big week 100 yards and td , and the Giants D will score once . The Cubs already going home can play somewhat of a spoiler with a win takin a possible 1 seed away , big week from Ben N Parker , Jones has cooled off with Benson takin his goal line carries , and Roy Williams just dont get it , play football and shut up ! .. Bugs get the win , and possible no 1 seed ...


Nfl pick six
Saints 34 49ers 23
Wash 23 Atl 17
NYG 31 Dallas 27
upset of the week --- Buffalo 24 Sd 20
Indy 37 Tenn 16
upset of the week 2 Phil 26 Car 23 ot GO EAGLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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