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Jan 11, 2006
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Laffy Louise
This is more of what I hope happens rather than what will happen. I never try to predict what the Saints will do. I always end up wrong.

Key Free Agent
Drayton Florence, CB

He's a second tier guy like our front office likes to target. Very capable corner. Looked both good and bad when I watched him in Indy. But everyone can be made a fool of covering Reggie Wayne.

Round 1
Kenny Philips, S, Miami (FL)

This guy is as close as it gets to the second coming of Ed Reed. Just a playmaker. He can step in immediately and help our turnover differential. This of course should be contingent on picking up some corner help in free agency.

Round 2
Jerod Mayo, ILB, Tennessee

I only saw this guy play once this year, against LSU. Non-stop motor. If I remember correctly he put up ridiculous tackle numbers and always seemed to be around the ball. We really need a player like that on defense. Sammy Knight was one of my favorite Saints because you saw his jersey in on almost every tackle.

Round 3
DJ Hall, WR, Alabama

This is one I really want just because I've always liked the way this guy played. Only thing is if he shines in workouts he could easily move himself up into the 2nd round. Here's to bad workouts.

Round 4
Dwight Lowery, CB, San Jose St.

6'1" and a ball hawk. 13 picks his first two years at a JUCO and 9 his junior year. He had only 4 his senior season just because teams stopped throwing at him.

Round 5
Kellen Davis, TE, Michigan St.

Freak athlete in the Antonio Gates mold. Played some DE too. I got to watch him a little bit seeing the early Big 10 games. He was a standout for sure. Eric Johnson is not the long term answer. Might as well start looking for it.

Round 6
Andre Fluellen, DT, Florida St.

Needs size. Excellent athlete. Only concerns are his inconsistent motor. But thats nothing that right coach can't fix if your name isn't Jonathan Sullivan.

Round 7
Josh Hyman, WR, Virginia Tech

Some injury concerns but could be a good or even great kick returner. He is a real burner.

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Mar 15, 2007
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i really like the first 3 rounds, just add a wlb, another corner in free agency and a dt


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May 4, 2007
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Im not sure about the mock but your avatar is :plus-un2:


Jan 21, 2003
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Mayo is smallish for an inside backer, he'll probably project as a WLB. I really believe we need to target our future MLB and soidify the middle of our front 7. I cringe everytime I think that Sim is starting at that spot.

Drayton is not what we need at corner. FA is top heavy at the CB spot so i could see a nickel type guy coming in and "competing for a starting spot". Mckenzie blew his knee out late in the season so he won't be a full go probably most of the season. I think Mckenzie's injury happening so late in the season changes the way we attack the offseason, especially because of his age. Maybe this is the year we try to woo a top-notch CB to poydras st.

Let me go on record right now: I DO NOT WANT THEM TO BRING ASANTE SAMUELS HERE! I really believe he fits what the pats do perfectly but would not be as effective here based on the scheme we play. We paly more man coverages, they play more zone. Not comparing the two but David is a perfect example of a guy fitting into a scheme as opposed to being able to just get on the corner and make plays.

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