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Jun 14, 2002
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Just got a phone call from the US Govt saying to take immediate shelter Tornado warning. That was to the home phone, then cell alerts saying seek shelter. Am outside on the front porch and it is very eerie.

Mother Nature is so powerful and should remind us how small we really are.
You received a warning to seek shelter so you went to the front porch?

Yea. I know it’s stupid. I can’t go anywhere so if it rolls me it rolls me. Might as well feel the wind. This one just missed us per the local news, touched down a few miles up the road.
I do the same thing and probably why men die sooner than women. I see bad weather and immediately go outside to's a sickness.

Lol one of the plethora of reasons women live longer my friend.

And I am exactly the same.

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