Fla Major Newspapers asking Fed's to investigate Trump (1 Viewer)

Jul 19, 2001
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Editorial: Feds should investigate Bondi-Trump connection | Tampa Bay Times

The denials by Bondi and Trump of anything amiss also are at odds with their previous actions. The attorney general has not been shy about joining lawsuits with other states, and the New York lawsuit involves Floridians who allege they were cheated by Trump University. Trump had not contributed to Bondi's election campaigns before sending the $25,000, and he was clear during a Republican primary debate about what he expects in return for campaign contributions: "When they call, I give. And you know what? When I need something from them, two years later, three years later, I call them. They are there for me.''
Donald Trump

What attracted far less attention than the numerous stories about the Clinton/Foundation connection was news disclosed by the Washington Post that Donald Trump paid a penalty to the IRS involving a $25,000 gift by the Trump Foundation.

The recipient was a political committee called And Justice for All controlled by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. As a registered nonprofit, the Trump Foundation was not allowed to make political donations. The gift violated federal regulations.

That the gift was given and received is not in dispute. The transaction took place. After the IRS action, Mr. Trump reimbursed the foundation and paid the $2,500 fine personally, according to a spokesman for the Trump Organization.
New records show Bondi needs probing in Trump mess, Maxwell says - Orlando Sentinel

That's why I began digging into this way back in 2013 — long before Trump was even a candidate for the White House.

One day, Bondi's office told this newspaper it was reviewing complaints from Floridians who said they felt swindled by the Trump Institute affiliate of Trump University.

Four days later, Trump's foundation cut a $25,000 check to Bondi's campaign committee.

Then, after the check came in, her office decided not to take any action against Trump.

Awful lot of smoke there...


uh yu ka t'ann
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Dec 23, 2011
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Silly Expatriate. We don't want provable, factual government corruption investigations... we need moar conspirazeez, moar witch hunt!!!


Don't be a Jerk.
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Mar 1, 2007
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Fort Lauderdale, FL
Logic fallacy
CEO's and major companies lobby and pay off government officials all the time.

Trump was just doing what everyone else does to get what he wants.

But he'll protect us from those lying cheating government people, and outside threats.


Interesting article a few years back about the fine line between Bribery and a Campaign Contribution.

Federal law makes it a crime to corruptly solicit or accept money with the intent of being rewarded or influenced in official actions, and prosecutors have said campaign contributions can be part of such a scheme.

The Supreme Court’s guidance on the issue is thin. In 1991, it ruled that a campaign contribution could be a bribe if prosecutors proved a quid pro quo — that the contribution was “made in return for an explicit promise or undertaking by the official to perform or not to perform an official act.”

In a subsequent case, Justice Anthony Kennedy said the quid pro quo need not be expressly stated. But lower courts have differed, since then, on exactly what standards apply.
Legalized Bribery - POLITICO Magazine

Of course, this is more indirect.

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