For you, is 2020 a Super Bowl appearance or bust or Super Bowl title or bust? (1 Viewer)


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Oct 2, 2016
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I'm leaning towards Super Bowl title or bust in 2020.

What about you?
Well, it’s most likely the last season for Brees, so yeah.
Well, it’s most likely the last season for Brees, so yeah.
But which one, you're satisfied with a Super Bowl appearance or do you want them to win the whole thing?
I'm leaning towards Super Bowl title or bust in 2020.

What about you?

Its Title or bust

I felt that way the last 2 years, but specifically this year even more being how this is probably Drew's last year.

I feel like everyone from the FO down is going to do everything they can to bring the Lombardi Home this year
Pretty much. Minus a linebacker or 2, we have one of the best rosters in the NFL. Our offense will be the best we ever seen besides Drew being 40+.

All we were missing last year on offense was a legit #2 guy since Ginn has seen his better days and adding one the better ones in Emmanuel Sanders will do wonders for this offense. He was made to wear the black and gold and Drew should be itching to get on the field with him. It took a while to gel with Jared Cook, but he shown last year that it doesn’t take long for Sanders to gel with his new team.

Now we need Alvin Kamara to bounce back and have the year he’s capable of. Latavius Murray showed he can be just as good a contributor as Mark Ingram was from the backfield. I think he complements Kamara even better than Ingram. Now we lost our starting fullback Zach Line to retirement, but added a decent replacement in Mike Burton. Hopefully we can add a younger, more dangerous fullback in my guy Josiah Deguara in the 5th or 6th round of the draft. That guy could take this offense to even greater heights and that’s crazy to think when you talking about a fullback.

Can’t guard Mike is can’t guard Mike and he should be even better with another year under his belt. Now the 3rd receiver spot is up for grabs hopefully it will be between Tre’Quan Smith and a rookie we draft between the 1st and 5th round. I haven’t given up on Smith and think he can still be a damn good 3rd receiver if the guy we draft isn’t quite ready for prime time. Deonte Harris is one of the best return men in the game and I believe will get more & more involved in the offense each year. He had the one big play in the playoff game with Taysom throwing him the ball deep.

Taysom Hill is one of the most deadly weapons in the game. A QB that can run, pass, hit, catch, tackle, and block has never happened in the league before. Slash ran, pass, and caught, but he never tackled, picked up key blocks, and blocked punts for crying out loud. He may take up a roster spot at QB, but dude can play every skill position on offense. I wondered why we only kept 2 tight ends to begin the season last year, but quickly realized we had another one all along in Taysom.

It took a while, but Jared Cook showed that he is still one of the better pass catching tight ends in the game. Now he will likely be the 4th/5th option in the passing game, lol. And Josh Hill is old reliable as our 2nd tight end. We could use an upgrade at the 3rd spot and hopefully we get that with either Deguara, Albert O, Moss, Sullivan, or another rookie.

The offensive line is all back after the surprising re-signing of Andrus Peat. Hopefully them hog mollies can stay healthy this year cause when they are we have the best offensive line in football. We could use a decent backup tackle for sure.

We also need to bring in another backup QB whether it’s a free agent or draft pick. I hope Jacob Eason falls to our 3rd rounder and if not add me to the bring in Jameis crowd. We absolutely have to carry 3 as long as Taysom is on the roster.

I think we are good to go on the defensive line. We have a ton of depth both inside and outside. Hopefully they stay healthy cause I think we have one of the better defensive lines in the league. I wouldn’t mind possibly drafting a pass rush specialist in the draft, but if not we will likely end up with some good UDFAs to challenge our current guys. Just last year we found some sleepers in Shy Tuttle and Carl Granderson.

Now the one position that really scares me at the moment is linebacker. We have an all pro in DeMario Davis and thank god we do. We lost our other decent starter in AJ Klein to Buffalo, but I been wanting to upgrade him the moment we signed him lol. After Davis we got a bunch if guys that can’t stay healthy and one older cat that captains the special teams. I love Anzalone, Kiko, and Craig, but right now we can’t count on them. Hopefully Anzalone can stay healthy and possibly move to the starting SAM spot were he won’t be out there too long to get hurt again lol. Kiko is currently hurt and for some reason we don’t want to play Craig when he was one of the better pass defending 4-3 LBs two years ago. But now he’s even older. We almost have to draft a linebacker early in this draft and I hate being pigeon holds like that especially when coach has a horrible record when drafting LBs. I’m praying to the football gods that either Kenneth Murray or Patrick Queen make it to 24 and we take them. Then I would love if we brought in vet Alec Ogletree as Insurance at SAM in case Anzalone can’t stay healthy this year.

The secondary should be improved big time in my eyes well at least on paper. We have Marshon Lattimore who is one of the better cover corners in the game. We will have a whole camp with Janoris Jenkins who showed to be pretty good for us in his limited time last year. We replaced Vonn Bell with an even better ex-Saint Malcolm Jenkins. He may be more on the decline, but dude can flat out ball. Letting him go for the terrible Jairus Byrd was one of the dumbest moves coach has ever made, but I thought it was great at the time cause he was considered one of the best safeties in the game at the time. We brought back PJ Williams on the cheap again which was a smart move cause he’s shown to be a decent backup. Plus he showed last year that he can even play safety in a pinch. Bringing back Patrick Robinson has so far looked to be a bad move. He looked like he did for us in his first stint and nothing like he did when he was one of the best slot corners in the game which helped the Eagles win the super bowl. We brought in an XFL corner that was drafted by the Cardinals in Deatrick Nichols. I like how they think outside the box and being in guys who have played in other professional leagues like the Canadian league or the XFL. We already had great success with someone at the same position before from the Canadian league, but his name slips my mind. Man I’m bad with names today. We need to draft an outside starting corner type unless Nichols ends up being a baller. I still want to get a young guy in the draft. We also brought back Justin Hardee, but he’s just a special teams ace like safety JT Gray. I hope Gray will be on the team till he can’t play anymore cause talk about a beast on special teams. Have we re-signed Gray yet? If not we need to ASAP. Now this could very well be Marcus Williams last year here. The kid has all the talent in the world, but just makes the most boneheaded plays at times. He can’t tackle to save his life either. Glad we brought back DJ Swearinger as he’s shown to be a capable NFL safety. I hope Saquan Hampton keeps getting better in case we need him to replace Marcus. He’s got good size, but I haven’t really seen him play that much. And last but not least is last years rookie Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. I said he reminds me of Tyrann Mathieu when we drafted him and he didn’t disappoint. He had the usual rookie bumps in the road and that’s expected. But he also had some great plays and I think he will be a great DB in this league. Like the Honey Badger he can play safety, slot corner, and blitz with the best of them. Like him a lot.

So yes we have the roster to win the damn super bowl just like we have had the last couple years. Hopefully we can finally get over the hump, don’t play the Vikings in the playoffs, don’t have the refs screw us, and win the whole thing!!!

sorry for such a long post but it had to be done ??? WHO DAT!!!!
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This is Drew's final hoorah. We signed Sanders and Jenkins to help improve 2 areas. It's definitely SB or bust this year.
I’m going to try and just lay back and enjoy Brees’ last season or 2 without any pressure or expectations. Just be thankful and watch a beautiful thing come to an end. By the time training camp updates start coming in, I’ll throw all of that out the window and be Super Bowl title or bust.
Right now... I just want Drew Brees to have a GREAT final season and be great in the playoff again. Time to reincarnate prime Jari Evans and Carl Nicks.

Drew really needs to have elite interior lineman.

You know when Drew Playoff performance started to take a dip? When Carl Nicks left. Peat and Warford really got to get right this offseason.

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