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Why so much alarm by some Saints fans?

Author: Ralph Malbrough / Contributing Writer |

The internet seems to affect everything these days, from friendships, to elections, to what we buy, watch and eat, even our mood regarding the 2018 New Orleans Saints.

If the people emailing me and chatting with me on social media are any indication, there seems to be a strain of panic running through Who Dat Nation.

Maybe my memory has faded and I’m not remembering the 2009 Saints correctly, but I don’t recall fans having as much worry over the Saints first playoff opponent in 2009, the Arizona Cardinals, as they do this year for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Saints beating the Eagles 48-7 earlier in the year has some fans more panicked. The Eagles will be out for vengeance or something I guess.

If the Saints weren’t facing Philadelphia, fans would be petrified of Russell Wilson or a rematch with Dallas. So why is a huge portion of the fan base gripped by fear? The Saints had a bumpy 3 weeks after Thanksgiving, but they went 2-1 in those games, and won a game with defense in Carolina when they only scored 12 points. That’s an actual thing that happened, I saw it. ...

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