Forecast: I hate the NFL canned crowd noise - plus Saints will be OK, just not this week (1 Viewer)


By Ralph Malbrough / Contributing Writer | WWL

I don't how to say this and it might be the most controversial football opinion in the history of the world but the fake crowd noise being pumped into these NFL games with no fans is lame, annoying, and stupid. The artificial crowd noise has the authenticity of imitation crab meat in your mama's gumbo.

Why is the NFL intent on trying to give us a television presentation that pretends 2020 football is anything close to normal? Sure having absolutely zero crowd noise would be weird at first, but I'd rather a completely unique football experience than what I've been given the first two weeks.

The pumped in crowd noise sounds like what 2007 Madden football on a Sony PlayStation would be if it came to life and we were forced to watch it. Wouldn't the NFL experience be way more interesting in 2020 without fans at games if we could hear every player and coach? Just add in a delay for the four-letter explosions. ...

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Andrus Whitewing


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