Forecast: Let's pretend that Saints game never happened (1 Viewer)

Did the Saints have a hand full of injuries that potentially wreck depth and special teams? Check.

By Ralph Malbrough / Contributing Writer | WWL-TV

NEW ORLEANS — Can we just pretend that New Orleans Saints game never happened? It isn't like we will want to remember anything from the Saints 19-17 win over the Los Angeles Chargers by the time lunchtime arrives today. Between the injuries and poor play in the first half, this game checked damn near every box for what makes preseason Saints football such a miserable experience and why we all just want it to hurry up and be finished.

Performance by a player that causes fans to overreact negatively but in the grand scheme of things means absolutely nothing? Check.

Teddy Bridgewater, who Sean Payton told us after the game played sick, was dreadful, horrid, and unpleasant to watch. Missed throws, a missed snap, and an interception were all part of Bridgewater's day.

I'll give Teddy credit for not making excuses and for attempting to play through being ill, and I still think he can be a good quarterback if 2019 is indeed Drew Brees final season, but it was a reminder the post Drew Brees Saints quarterbacking situation could be a dystopia nightmare filled with overthrows, interceptions, and sadness. I'm sorry Drew, we are going to need you to play forever for Saints fans mental well being.

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