Forecast: Michael Thomas is now the Saints Most Valuable Player (1 Viewer)

You can't guard Mike no matter who is throwing to him, even when he's the only credible receiving threat the Saints have on the active roster.

By Ralph Malbrough / Contributing Writer | WWL TV

NEW ORLEANS — The New Orleans Saints 2019 season has been filled with many surprises through 8 games. Teddy Bridgewater showing he knows how to strut on and off the field might be my favorite, but the most surprising and important development during the Saints 7-1 start to 2019 is Michael Thomas becoming the team's most valuable player.

Thomas has been incredible in New Orleans and was rewarded with a $100 million dollar contract. He has caught more passes than any receiver in NFL history his first 3 years and entertained us with cellphone celebrations after scores.

There was however a belief by me (and probably a lot of you) that sure "Michael Thomas was outstanding" and "one of the best receivers in football," but a lot of his success was due to the fact he had a future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees throwing him the ball.

How much was Drew Brees a factor in Thomas record-setting start to his career? It was always difficult to untangle because Brees was always throwing him passes. Then Brees got hurt Week 2 against the Los Angeles Rams and the theory went the Saints would struggle to score and Michael Thomas would struggle to keep up his record receiving pace.

No. And no.

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