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The Saints meanwhile have won 10 straight games and Sean Payton isn't just allowing the celebrations around him to continue, it feels like he's conducting them.
By Ralph Malbrough / Contributing Writer | WWLTV

You know how longtime married couples sometimes finish each other’s sentences and sometimes take on some of the personality of their spouse? What if NFL fan bases do the same thing with whoever the team’s head coach is?

As the 2018 New Orleans Saints continue their season of posing for pictures after creating a turnover, eating candy on the sidelines, using props to celebrate touchdowns, and generally having as much fun as they damn well please, I’ve begun to wonder if by extension the fanbase has taken on the personality of head coach Sean Payton.

It certainly seems like it. Yes, every NFL fan base has members who are insufferable, obnoxious, funny, cruel, etc., but in general Saints fans seem to have taken on the cocky with a smile personality of Sean Payton.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but not every fan base of winning football teams have the fun we do. ...

Full Story - WWL TV
Andrus Whitewing

Andrus Whitewing


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