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May 19, 2007
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I was curious how former Saints were doing in their bids to make the AAF, and possibly looking for a team to pull for. It looks like Arizona is the winner, with five. Atlanta arguably has the most Saints who contributed on the field, but I'll sooner jump off a building than root for a team from Atlanta.

Arizona Hotshots:
WR Josh Huff
OT Andrew Lauderdale
LB Obum Gwacham
CB Sterling Moore
S Robert Nelson

Atlanta Legends:
WR Seantavius Jones
DE Tavaris Barnes
LB KeShun Freeman
CB Damian Swann

Birmingham Iron:
TE Braedon Bowman
OG Avery Young
CB Bradley Sylve

Memphis Express:
LB Davis Tull
LB Colton Jumper

Orlando Appollos:
OG Andrew Tiller

Salt Lake Stallions:
GM Randy Mueller

San Antonio Commanders:
HC Mike Riley
OL Brian Folkerts
LB Jayrone Elliott

San Diego Fleet:
LB Travis Feeney
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May 19, 2007
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Somebody accidentally deleted my recording of the Orlando game, so no thoughts on that one. But watching the San Antonio/San Diego game, I have a few thoughts.

Mekale McKay and Greg Ward are the standout skill position players. They both play for San Antonio. In particular I was impressed with the hands, toughness, body control, and field awareness of Ward, a converted QB. Those are all things that I wouldn't expect to see from someone raw as a receiver, but it's clear he's working extra hard to be the friend of a QB that he always wanted in college. If there was one guy in this game that I would say I want the Saints to take a look at, it is Ward, with McKay second.

Offensive line play is just not there. There's no consistency, especially in the pass game. There were so many sacks. It makes sense, because this is the unit in football that requires the most cohesion. The disruption makes it tough to look at guys. Frankly the best way I can describe the game is, it feels like preseason, both in terms of the caliber of players and the way the game flows with lower scores. The lack of game film on any of these teams and what they like to do undoubtedly made preparation tough.

Also loved the much shorter commercial breaks. Kept the game shorter and didn't feel all drawn out like other football does. They would often show footage of the field during those short breaks, which the only downside to me is, it's hard to want to go to the bathroom (good for advertisers though)!

Mike Martz is still Mike Martz. Called lots of plays that didn't have a receiver short, which seemed dumb given that offensive line play takes time to work. Got his QB killed. But he's going to run his system. (Also, I got tired of seeing his pregnant-looking belly when he moved. That was gross.)

Love the live audio between players and coaches. Could hear play calls and listen to them discuss what they were doing and why. It was great. They do need to get the headsets worked out, as those seemed to fail a lot, leading to play stoppages. They even had the audio for the replay official, and he new immediately what he was doing. Very decisive and prompt on the call, and most importantly, correct.

Jayrone Elliott had a couple of nice run stuffs for San Antonio, but was called for one penalty as well. Did not see him get as much pressure as other guys.

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