Found THAT ONE REASON to HATE Sevendust!! (1 Viewer)

Saints 4 life

⚜ Falcons Suck ⚜
Apr 15, 2008
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Easton, Pa
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Well they're from Atlanta, and they suck as a band.. what more do you need to not like em?
I now propose a battle of the Bands for Dec 27th

Down vs. Sevendust.

make it happen Loomis..:ezbill:
May i also mention they probably never even knew about Football until their agent told them to do a song to revive their career?
This might sell them a couple of more units on their new album drop.. lol.. This sucks. they don't have a signature song like Saints do, so everybody just freelancing with them.
Saw Sevendust live in Vegas summer before last, I've been to litterally hundreds of concerts in my life, this group of idiots sucked up the House of Blues so bad they were being booed after the first set. Awful stage band.

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