Front Office Football. Addictive management sim based on pure football knowledge. (1 Viewer)


Mar 20, 2007
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Belfast, Ireland

I have been playing the demo for hours, it's brilliant.
I would usually have been put off by the phrase, text based management sim.
What it lacks in graphics it makes up for in plays, you can call any play imaginable, out of any formation, or to defend any option. You manage your team and make decisions.
Give the demo a go, I might be downloading a copy. It's $29.95.
The teams don't have the real names, but you can change that as soon as you boot it up.
They have real player names apart from a couple. The Saints offense is as good as it gets.
The best feature, which I have not used, looks to be the way you can establish an interactive league that your friends can join into, meaning you can all be GMs of your favorite teams and see who can win it all.

This is a multi award winning game. If Madden doesn't do it for you, at least try this.
I'm very happy.
This game is for all you football buffs out there who enjoy studying games and analizing things rather than scoring 100 points to nothing on the lowest difficulty level.

There is also a college football version which is interesting simply because it claims it has every high school football program in the USA to recruit from
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party lamp
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Jan 11, 2002
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Duncan Plaza
Wow, that game is super-complicated (from a time-dedication point of view). It's very cool - you can do EVERYTHING. I just played through a game, and that was a blast (beat Cleveland 23-7 - Bush had a great game).

It reminds me of an old text football game we used to play on the Apple II. I think it was only Oilers vs Steelers. Does anyone remember that?

Playing through the games is like the 2008 version of that. Wow, awesome. I could hear Jim and Hokie in my head.

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