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Jul 31, 2002
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Did anyone else notice during the fumbled snap you could clearly see Matt Ryan look at the ball rolling on the ground and take a few steps back. I can understand he didnt want to get hurt but thats kinda crappy of an "elite" Qb to me.
please..somebody..do some kind of photoshop with this and matty with the fumble
Just pointed that out in the thread about Drew's tackle.

Drew would have tried to jump on that ball. Ryan just backed off.
he saw Vilma running in full bore... i woulda done the same... then again... i'm not paid millions of dollars to protect that little piece of pinskin against linebackers charging full bore... and in that case... almost completely unblocked
Wasn't he back in the shotgun for that snap?

He would have had to make about 5 feet to get to the ball and he saw the linebackers heading up at full speed for it.

If anyone is to blame on the Falcons, it was the center who should have shimmed back and fell on it.

I wouldn't want Bree's going for a ball like that either, just let it go instead of risking your starting QB.
Matt Ryan running away like a little girl after the botched snap

Did you notice after the botched snap that Lil' Matty just backed up as fast as he could from the ball lying on the turf? :smilielol:

Now look, I know QB's are told to play it safe and avoid injury, but compare Drew Brees making a solo TD-saving tackle of Abraham after the second INT to Matt Ryan acting like an 8-year-old girl who just saw a spider on the ground when the snap is fumbled.

I'll take "Quarterbacks I wouldn't want leading my team" for $200, Alex.
I wanna know why THAT wasn't "C'Mon Man of the Year"! Happened before halftime so they shoulda squeezed it in.

ALSO: The Neck vs. Bradford foot race should have been at least considered
I noticed that too. Both he and McClure just stood there like it was a punt taking a Falcons bounce.
I know this is going to seem biased, but it didn't look like he was running away from the ball. It looked like he was just going through the process of the 3 to 5 step drop. The one play that cracked me up is when one of your receivers (name escapes me at the moment) lost his shoe and Grimes thought it was the football so he let go of the tackle, and then realized it was the shoe. So he had to run back to the dude and catch him. I lol'd at that play.

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