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Jun 10, 2002
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Olive Branch, Ms.
and my response.....

You either must be stupid or you don't follow football. He has been hurt. I understand as a saints fan that you have to get excited about anything good that happens with your team. You probably got excited that your draft picks would actually show up for camp. So, I'll let you have your moment. It must be big to you. It's your zenith. Must be one of the best wins in saint history. I understand. Good luck with the rest of the year! No excuses here. You beat a bad team.

and my response was.....

Sour Grapes. Very sour.
See, the zenith comes later.....this rivalry is one of the best in the NFL and your team just got PWNT by a combined score of 54-16. I mean, I can understand how much it hurts after your team was supposed to win the superbowl and has the best player on the planet and despite that you all are sitting here at 5-6. You must be excited by all those 1st round WR's you guys have. I'll let you have your grapes. Must be one of the worst losses in Falcon history. No sarcasm here. You got beat by a great team.
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look at this post from 1 of their fans that was posted right classless.

'Another one of you pathetic posters who registered this year. Where were you "winners" last year? Or the year before that? Or the year... You get the point. Your franchise is garbage, your city is garbage, and your fans are garbage. I hold a roach in higher regard than a saints fan. You guys are just like the flood (no pun intended) of Panthers fans from last year.'
Wait, it WASN'T rigged? I just assumed all those dropped passes were on purpose.

Wow, those WRs really can't catch.
falcon fans are idiots. always have been. always will be. I take nothing they say seriously. They are majority bandwangoners and the majority of them have ZERO true football knowledge. Im glad we stomped thier butts. I have had nothing but negative dealings with falcons fans in the superdome or when i went to Atlanta in 2003. They are classless idiots. (majority) For someone to rip a franchise's history while thier own team hasnt had back to back winning seasons EVER is beyond me.

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