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Sep 8, 2008
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I know this a issue that comes up in the offseason. But with Thomas being a Free Agent and Bush due 11.8 millon next year. Could one or both be gone. If Ivory keeps playing the way he plays.
The thing is, you can find threats comparable to Reggie at a cheaper price. Look at Woodhead with the Patriots, Dexter McCluster, Darren Sproles, etc. All these guys pose the same threat as Reggie. Not saying we should get rid of Reggie, but we have some major contracts coming up soon and some tough decisions will have to be made. If we can find a multi-threat offensive weapon in the draft maybe.

As far as PT, I would love to keep him, but he will not be getting anything close to his asking price or anything close to what was initially offered. So I think it will fall in his court. Maybe some dumb team will decide to over pay him, but around the league teams are seeing that there is no need to spend big bucks on a RB.
I love Reggie but i can't see the team paying 11.8mil next season unless he just absolutely rapes face in the playoffs.
I can def see PT getting the boot should Ivory to continue to play well throughout the playoffs. As well as us drafting a RB.
Considering the health of all 3 of these guys, it would be nice to hold on to all three.

There is also the option of drafting a new back, and with this FO you just don't know how that will play out.
You look at what the Pats are paying Woodhead compare to what the Saints are paying Bush and it hard to see Bush coming back next year at his salary.
Unfortunately, PT is probably gone. I don't understand what's happened behind-the-scenes with PT's injury and his relationship with Payton. It reminds me of the Joe Horn situation in 2006. Horn was gone the next year. If Bush is unwilling to take a pay cut, he's probably on another roster as well.

Ivory has done well. He combines power with breakaway ability. However, his running style means he's going to take a lot of hits. He'll dish out punishment to tacklers, but he's going to absorb a lot himself. Injuries were probably one reason why he wasn't drafted in addition to the incident while at WSU.

Average life span of a NFL back is only about 3-4 years.
Average RB's are not rare. If your QB and O line are good, you can make do with average RB's. Above average RB's are harder to find, but still not worth big bucks. Excellent RB's are scarce, but because of occupational hazards, are still not worth more than 4 mil a year.

Reggie has excellent speed, but is average to below average at everything else. Small, fast RB's (scat backs) are easy to find in round 7 and UDFA.

Pierre has excellent hands, ball security, and power, but is below average in other areas.

Both are great people, and l like them both a lot. However, both are easily replaceable and should be paid accordingly or cut loose.

Jury is still out on Ivory. His power and speed are above average, but everything else is unknown. Even if he turns out to be a stud, he is not worth big money. Only someone with the durability of an Emmit Smith are worth big bucks at RB, but how do you know someone is durable?
I can def see PT getting the boot should Ivory to continue to play well throughout the playoffs. As well as us drafting a RB.

All we can do is speculate but I think Thomas and Ivory would complement each other very well in this offense. It seems many fans are ready to write him off over the contract issue, or over speculation about behind the scenes type stuff, but the injury will almost certainly impact his leverage in contract negotiations whether he stays or moves on. I wouldn't be surprised if the best he can do going into next season is to work out a more practical deal with the Saints that can either escalate significantly based on production, or terminate early to allow him to become a free agent again sooner, rather than later.

Maybe that's wishful thinking, I don't know any more than anybody else here when it comes to predicting his future with the team, but he's been a productive RB for the Saints -- both in the passing and running game -- has demonstrated good ball security (a premium trait with any HC) and his own knack for the big play, so I'm just not convinced, at this point, that he's as good as gone.
PT, Reggie and Ivory will be here next year. Betts and Jones will not.
Bush will restructure, Thomas will resign, and the 3 headed monster will remain intact. But to be honest: Bush is not worth his contract, PT is not worth the inevitable contract dispute and Ivory as of now is a very limited role player.
Thomas: I want a big multimillion deal.
Loomis: Lol you get hurt too much, no.
Thomas: Come on man.
Loomis: We need to give you a contract that protects us from when you get injured.

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