Saints GAME OF BLOWNS: You can’t even troll right, Atlanta. (1 Viewer)

Teams without banners can’t make jokes about franchises with Lombardis.

Atlanta knows they didn’t host the #SuperBowl. They know that game wasn’t a real championship featuring the two best teams. SuperBowlLIII always will have an asterisk next to it.

That #FakeSuperBowl was a lie from the start. #SuperBowlLIE was a joke. The #Cheatriots and the #LAScams played like they knew they had no business being there.

Atlanta’s so-called #SuperBowl was a joke. Figures Atlanta would get that game.

The #NFL knows that #BoycottBowl was just the beginning. The wrath of #NewOrleans will be felt league-wide in 2019.

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