Getting Drunk


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Aug 1, 1997
Bethesda, MD
The Jazz Butcher


I'm broken-hearted
With all that this entails
It takes some concentrated drinking
To keep me on the rails
I have to hide my face
I have to hide my shame
I don't wait 'til I'm sober
'Til I get drunk again
I drink at home
I drink out
I drink in cocktail bars
Falling down
Seeing stars
It suits me
It suits me
Going astray
In all the bars from here to Mandalay
They never close
We never pay

My oh my
We can't compete
It's only heavy drinking that keeps us on our feet
My oh my
I can't complain
If it weren't for heavy drinking
We'd never play Sweet Jane (Reed)
My my my, oh my
The days go by
I never quite forget her
But goodness how I try
Believe me
Believe me
Falling apart in bars
I like to suffer for my art
Just one more before we part

Don't want to think
About how much I drink
It's a habit that's out of control
Hope I never get dry before I get old.
Trombone (trombone solo)
Chorus Don't want to think
About how much I drink
It's a habit that's out of control
Hope I never get dry (before you get)
Hope I never get dry now (before you get)
Hope I never get dry before I get old... mmmmm... mmmm

Soul Happy Hour:

The best things in life are free
But you can give them to the SDP
I want to go to Tesco's store
And buy some drink and fall on the floor.

I don't care for smart new clothes
I don't care for reading books
I don't care for Quinn and Collins
I don't care for magazines
I don't like lemonade
I think milk should not be made
I don't like coffee and I don't like tea
These are the things that mystify me
I don't care for sport or swimming
I don't care for all those nasty old bogies
I don't care what's on TV
I just want to drink til I can't see
I wish I'd been born a tree
Someone'd come and make a barrel out of me
I get in a fury when I'm not in a brewery Whiskey Vodka Special Brew
All of this is good for you
Gin sling, Cointreau, brandy sour...
Blot right out! Soul happy hour!
Apr 22, 2002
The Negative Zone

Wagner, man... crank it up and plot the takeover of Europe (when playing "Risk" of course).

But I'll go with David Allan Coe for drinking music...

"I was Drunk
The Day My Mom Got Out Of Prison
And I Went To Pick Her Up In The Rain
But Before I Could Get To The Station In My Pick Up Truck
She Got Run Over By A Danmned Old Train..."

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