Giants interested in Aaron Glenn for DC (but hire Patrick Graham) (1 Viewer)


May 19, 2007
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"Another NFL assistant Judge will consider for defensive coordinator is Aaron Glenn, according to a source. Glenn, 47, is the Saints’ defensive backs coach. He played 15 years in the NFL and was the Jets’ first-round draft pick in 1994. Glenn was a Jets scout in 2012 and 2013."

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Here you go. I’ll help you with your bags, Aaron...


He was great in 2017, but once the tape got out. The secondary just hasn't been the same.
Funny how things change from year to year.
Giants gonna Giants

How do you hire a position coach that failed so miserably in his last game costing the team a chance to advance?
I just hope he doesn't take Nielsen with him.
Well, I guess that's OK, but not knowing anything of what happens behind the scenes I have no basis to judge who's decisions are getting exploited late in games, Allen or Glenn?

Can they take both?

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