Given the aggressive approach so far by the NFL, I now believe they will carry on with the season no matter what (1 Viewer)

Because the NBA tried to do that and it royally blew up in their face when players start catching it and spreading it among other players. Espeically when you got a 5 vs. 5 sport with with 15 man rosters in comparison to 54 man roster plus inactive guys. Plus staff.

Yeah... there is a good likelihood the season will be delayed to probably October.
Right now I would not make any announcement but prepare for the worst that it will be postpone or even cancel. Too many people involve to have an NFL game played. 70 players, plus 10 coaches or whatever numbers it is. Doctors, trainers, refs, and the list goes on. Even without fans, the risk is still too high.
Even if games are played in front of no fans early on on the season.
The NFL needs to march forward and show why once again it's the king of sports

This won’t be up to the NFL to decide. Municipal, state and federal policies when it will be possible to hold gatherings again.

I hope that things will turn to normal by the summer, but science and statistics will determine when we can go back to normal life.
The best case is a delay but every day another state or local government is telling their residents to stay home and as @guillermo stated it won't be their call. The NBA (another billionaire's club) is desperately trying to figure out a way to continue their season but it will probably be canceled, and MLB may follow suit soon. The NFL is the big dog but all big businesses are hurting.
There’s just no way to know.

If I had to guess, I’d say they’d start with games in empty stadiums if necessary. But if a single player tests positive, how do you continue?
But where will they get toilet paper from? They need allot for the ? show in Tampa and of course the Failcants. But I’m thinking they have most of the toilet paper already. Matt Ryan has those famous skid mark problems.
The season is still months away. China’s CBA stopped in mid January and is set to resume mid April. Why is it assumed that the NFL will be delayed when it’s still over 5 months away from kickoff?
The virus outbreak will have an affect on next season... whether it’s delaying or stalling offseason workouts and training camps, or delaying the entire start of the season.

But, I believe it will be in the Saints favor that they have kept their core together and have not brought in new players at KEY positions moving into the 2020/2021 season. Emmanuel Sanders is a savvy vet and it will not take him much time to adapt to the Saints offense (look how quickly he picked it up in San Fran, and now he has DREW BREES).
The Saints will have an advantage. They have kept their entire OL in tact, and that’s HUGE.
In the NFCS, the Panthers and Bucs both have new QBs... and even though they’re vets, there will be a learning curve for the entire offense of both teams.
Of course they are aggressively moving forward. It’s because they can. Playing games is a different story and is yet to be determined. No one knows. It’s a day by day process in all matters, for now.

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