Glazer: Taysom Hill will be “the guy” after Drew Brees (1 Viewer)

Mike Florio


Saints quarterback Taysom Hill has become an oddly polarizing figure in NFL circles. Naysayers point to a limited track record at quarterback. Supporters rely on the impact he has whenever he enters a game.

The biggest question regarding Hill relates to whether he’ll succeed Drew Brees as the starting quarterback in New Orleans. Naysayers say no way, given the team’s constant search for a primary backup to Brees other than Hill. Supporters look to the two-year, $21 million contract he signed early this year as proof that, come 2021, Hill will be the king.

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Gumbo's Dad

Jul 13, 2006
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It seems Sean will give him his shot. Having lived through John Fourcade and his running style, I would be pleasantly surprised if Taysom could stay healthy an entire season. Looks like we will find out.

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