Gone With The Wind Temporally Removed From HBO MAX (Or How To Look Back On Controversial Media) (1 Viewer)

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May 11, 2010
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Before anyone says it’s oversensitivity, the full movie will return unedited. It’ll just include a discussion about the stereotypes and probably a warning.

WB did something similar when they released the Looney Tunes to DVD unedited.

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Jul 18, 1998
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Renovations have reportedly begun on the classic "Jungle Cruise" ride at Disney World.

WDW News Today reported on Monday that the Trader Sam character had been removed from the boat ride in Magic Kingdom. The character - a salesman of shrunken heads who stands shirtless with an umbrella at the end of the ride - has long been criticized by Disney fans as a negative representation of native people.

According to WDWNT, the Disney employee leading the ride, also known as a Jungle Cruise Skipper, did not acknowledge Trader Sam's absence.

The Trader Sam character is also well known for its namesake bars at Disney World and Disneyland. At the time of writing, Disney does not have plans to re-theme either location.................

Disney World has started to remove racially insensitive characters from its popular Jungle Cruise ride (msn.com)

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