Good story on Saints:Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Mar 14, 2006
They're posted all over the New Orleans Saints practice facility, at first-year coach Sean Payton's behest, motivational slogans in Saints black and gold.

The first one is in the hallway, on the left.

A New Orleans Saint will be: Strong/Tough/Smart/Reliable/ Disciplined/Well conditioned.

In the locker room, you can't turn around without reading one.

Ability is important, but dependability is critical. Individuals play the game. Teams win championships. A few bad character guys ruin even the best of teams. Three fights every day: Division from within/Your competition/Public perception.

Hokey? Maybe a little. But Payton had to try everything he could to, as he put it, "change the culture" of Saints football.

So far, all signs are positive.

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