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Endzone or Sideline?

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May 3, 2006
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So, I ordered tickets about a week ago through Stubhub and they came in a very timely manner. I chose the upper endzone terrace for the cost per ticket and the fact that I kind of like seeing the play develop. Well, I got different tickets in the mail.

The first attachment are the seats that I got, the second are the tickets that I ordered. Would you send them back and get what I paid for, or take the horizontally opposed seats?


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Well.....that's really up to can see the play develop better I suppose in the endzone but when you're in the terrace you can see it develop just about anywhere.....

the lower you sit the harder it is to see those kind of things.....

It really depends on if you want to got through the trouble.....I personally wouldn't.
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I'm kinda torn, I guess I was just wondering if their that bad on the sidelines on the 5 yard line.
not a bad seat at all. Im in 331, which is one level lower almost directly across from you. Its up to you, neither are bad seats. the first seats are on the visitor's sideline.
I prefer the first ones, it's hard to see a first down in the endzone.
it's hard to see the play develop at the opposite enzone. it's great if all the scores are on your end, but could be weak if all the scores are at the other end..

just something to think about...
Don't send them back!! IMHO, I think you did well. The first seats directly correspond to my seats that are in 644. Except that they are across the field and to the right. I am looking to my right at the Saints sideline on the 10 yard line, and you will be looking to the right at the Carolina sideline. I sit in row 24, and I can see very well. I honestly love to watch the plays as they develop. 15/20 vision also hleps. ;)
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I prefer the first ones as well. They give you a good view of the whole field. Personally i hate being behind the endzone cause its hard seeing how far back they are and when they are on the other side you cant see anything.

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