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Aug 18, 2019
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So which game is the real Teddy?

It's only half time but his throws have been all over the place; low , high and wide. I think his historic average is probably where he sits now.

  • An analysis of his career passing performance produced these results.
  • An average of just under 1 passing TD per game. 0.9722 to be precise ± 0.331 margin of error for a confidence level of 95% and a standard deviation of 1.01 (34 TDs in 35 Games)
  • So 68% of Teddy's games can be expected to be between zero and 1.98 TDs per game and 95% of his games between zero and 2.99 TD's.
  • Statistically 4 passing TDs is only to be expected every 20 or so games.

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