Gradkowski stinking it it up... (1 Viewer)


Feb 23, 2005
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Denham Springs, LA
Tampa Bay should be up 21-0 right now...but Gradkowski keeps throwing ints when WRs are wide open.....
His deep balls stay in the air too long and gives the DBs a chance to get to it. If that ball he just threw before the half would have had less air under it I think that's six points.
Deuling interceptions. Not a great game to watch; poor execution from both teams. This may have seemed like a primetime worthy game before the season started but......
yea the first couple games gradkowsi played it looked liked he was going to be a very accurate qb.... i'm beginning to see that was too quick an assumption....
We need the Yucs to win for our sake.
well the panthers are on the bucs 30 after another TO by the bucs...

also the refs arr reviewing if meshawn had enough for a TD...i dont think he did.

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