Guys, I am the only one here who dislikes Steve Smith (1 Viewer)


Dec 17, 2003
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Guys, I cannot stand Steve Smith, I think he's arrogant, a show off, and a glory hound that just acts like a jerk everytime he scores a TD and is obnoxoius and totally disrepectful toward other people, I mean being flamboyant like Joe Horn is one thing but being a jerk is another, and the attitude that I get with Smith is that he is a jerk and a selfish one too at that.

I was watching an interview once in the offseason and Smith said kind in a smug fashion that he thinks he is the type of person who doesnt need to sign autographs to fans whne he feels he doesnt need too, and that irked me a bit, he said it in away that made me think he was being disrepectful and totally made me angry.

I mean Steve Smith is in no way like Joe Horn, Horn is nice to the fans, speaks from the way he sees it, and doesnt think that he is the greatest WR known to man.

I just had to get that off my chest guys. I really have a dislike for the man, I really do.

He has that swagger, that chip on your shoulder that makes him not easy to like for me

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