guys, whats happeneing to our football team? (1 Viewer)


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Sep 18, 2006
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all of a sudden tey are dropping balls, making mistakes, turning it over like its going out of style. they dont even seem as enthusiastic anymore.

am i the only one that has a bad feeling?
Another typical Saints collapse is happening b4 our very eyes...
well colston got hurt, and copper is copper, devry did step up, and our secondaary, if you saw the game you saw our secondary, we cant really do nothing as far as this year, these are our guys, and we will countinue to go to war with them, but in the off season this unit needs to be retooled,

and just when it couldnt get worse drew brees had a off day
#$@%& and then he $%&!@'N throws another @&@$#% AHHH...... This is %)#*&%&# unreal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im a big saints fan but they sux. fred thomas is ocho cinco %%ich
What the heck is wrong with the protection today?
I think I am going to see ya guys in a few days, im to bitter right now...good by
We really deserved to lose this one. We went from a team that looked well-coached and overachieving, to a team with a lot of talent on offense that makes a million mistakes.

As for our horrible db play, in addition to a problem with talent, they seem poorly coached. Can't say I'm impressed with the db coach. Yes our cb's (mainly Thomas) get burned, but the safety always seem out of position to help and our coverage mistakes are numerous. Just because the cb blows the play, it doesn't have to result in a td each time. It's not like we are blitzing, but, we might as well, since it wouldn't seem to make any difference with our pass coverage.
2002 is back with a vengeance! The Saints, no matter the coach, have the EXACT SAME problems every year. Drops, sacks, penalties, turnovers. Will we ever see a true winner? I wouldn't bet on it.
man, the bengals didnt even WANT to win the game...but we insisted.

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