Article HAHAHAHA look at what is the lead story on, the Bay Area papers' website.... (1 Viewer)

The offensive PI wasn't, in the words of the article, a "blown call." It was technically the right call. Sometimes it gets called, sometimes not (as we Saints fans know only too well), but it was not a "blown call." As for the other two calls, yeah, the refs missed them, but they missed calls that would have benefited the Chiefs, including Mahomes being hit in the head by a 9er D lineman on one play. It's a wash. The best team won.
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It is pretty hilarious that Kittle (who regularly extends his arms to create separation from DBs) was called for it after a huge play in the SUPER BOWL. The Niners now know what it feels like to be on the other side of the NFL‘s preferred outcome.
They in general call less in the Superbowl anyway. Someone begging for a holding call, it isn't going to happen.

I also in general am over the complain about the officials deal. They made big mistakes in the 4th (also, before half, not trying to score).

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