Harry Reid holds out olive branch; KosKids bash him with it (1 Viewer)


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Jul 9, 2001
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Back in 2004, Harry Reid parted ways with the far-left bloggers at DailyKos.

Recently, with the mid-terms coming up, Harry has tried to cozy up with the KosKids again. The results ain't pretty.

You got us here
by Harry Reid
Tue Nov 07, 2006 at 08:57:39 AM PST

YearlyKos seems so long ago doesn't it?

Yet it was only five months ago when I asked you for three things:

1. Call Republicans and their friends in the media on their crass and hypocritical political games
2. Make it clear where Democrats stand
3. Never give up

Thank you for doing all of this and more. Because of you, no attack went unanswered. Because of you no lie avoided the truth. Because of you no distortion became a distraction to Democrats.


Harry's comments go on in the friendly manner of a puppy trying to suck up to you for scraps at the dinner table. The KosKids make it clear - they kick poor Harry away.

The cult of personality around Harry "Keeping the Powder Dry in Perpetuity" Reid is truly mystifying. No one has betrayed Democratic principles more, yet Kossacks act like he's Paul (CENSORED) Wellstone.

Get a (CENSORED) clue.


It goes downhill from there, with over 600 tersely-worded responses, kicking Reid. Whew!

(Caution: Strong Language)


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