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Aug 9, 2006
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I have really been hard on Hartley and really have wanted him gone. But there is no doubt he was so good today. Great job Hartley!
Mega-props to him. He was money today. It's this kind of game that makes we hem back to the, "Aww.. he really CAN do it! Let's keep him!" position
Major props. Really turned it around today. He was actually going right and fading kicks back in today. That's what he did last year when he was so good. It looks like he corrected something in his mechanics.
Good field goals, good game but I still don't like his kickoffs. Morstead is so much better at it
Maybe he finally trusts his snapper and holder now since they all went to the same high school? Whatever it is, it worked!
Last week with the late change at LS had to have affected him. I had suggested Reed be called in, but only after today's game if he continued to have trouble. Today he looked confident and perhaps the reps the past three days have helped and he'll be clutch down the stretch.
He's a young kicker. He just has to get through the tough stretches. I hope he builds on this.

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